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SteelDay 2017: Breakfast with SSE

You are invited to drop by Southern Services & Equipment, Inc. between 7:00 am and 9:00 am Central on SteelDay, September 15th for breakfast and a tour of our facility. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the structural steel supply chain, the fabrication process, and how the expertise of a steel fabricator can contribute to a successful project. You will also be able to view SSE’s new robot, also known as the PythonX Structural Fabrication System. The PythonX is a robotic CNC plasma beamline that brings the principles of lean manufacturing to structural steel fabrication. You’ll also receive a code for a special discount on a package that includes the new 15th edition of the AISC Steel Construction Manual.

SteelDay 2017 is the annual celebration of the structural steel industry sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction and hosted by its members and partners. SteelDay is the industry’s largest educational and networking function, with events occurring all over the country. In 2017 events will include project site tours, tours of structural steel mills, service centers and fabrication shops as well as national webinars and special education opportunities for structural engineers and architects. SteelDay is an opportunity for you to see how the domestic structural steel industry contributes to building America.

Safety glasses provided. Closed toe shoes required.

Please register here: http://steeldayevents.aisc.org/Register.aspx?eid=2806

What Can I Expect on the Tour?

It is the fabricators who typically have the closest relationships with the design and contracting community and who will receive the steel contract from the general contractor. They then orchestrate the supply chain to fulfill the contract. There are around 2,500 fabricators in the U.S., serving every corner of the nation.

The fabricator works to a predetermined schedule developed in consultation with the project team. This schedule controls everything, from how the detailers release information, to when material is sent to the shop, to the order of trucks shipping fabricated steel to the job site.

One of the major advantages of building with structural steel is the quality of the fabrication process. Off-site fabrication allows for a quality controlled environment unaffected by climate and weather changes, or by adverse site conditions. The nature of the material allows it to be fabricated to very close tolerances and at every stage of fabrication the steel is inspected to help guarantee a quality product and eliminate mistakes and costly site work.

Fabrication itself consists of tasks such as cutting, drilling, punching, shearing, welding, piece assembly and assembly of complex geometry and trusses. Fabricators have invested in advanced computer-controlled (CNC) machinery and material-handling equipment to perform the more common tasks such as cutting to length, drilling and shape burning. The CNC machines are extremely fast and efficient and are fed automatically from the BIM systems used by the detailers.

What are the Attendees Saying?

“Steel Day provided an opportunity to meet the entire supply chain from the steel service center to the erector. The event provided an opportunity to meet face to face with AISC certified fabricators.” —David Martin, Walter P. Moore

“SteelDay gives you an appreciation for what goes into your design – and the efforts to recycle/ be environmentally friendly.” —Richard Miles, Sparks Engineering

“A lot of young engineers have never been to the facilities that produce the products we call out in design. It’s good to actually see first hand what we’re putting on paper.” —Eric Conner, Fluor Power

“It is a good chance to interact with the design and construction players in a non-project, relaxed atmosphere while learning about their part of the project.” —Dave Haugland, AHJ Engineers, P.C.

“SteelDay is a fantastic opportunity for those in the design/construction industry to see first hand the amount of effort that goes into the products so easily specified and drawn in construction documents.” —Thomas B. Keese, UTA School of Architecture

“It provides a good opportunity for local steel construction companies and people to interact and discuss.” —Nasim Moghaddasi, University of Maryland

“I found it very informative. It was a great opportunity to network as well. It helped me gain a greater appreciation for all the steps involved in steel fabrication. It also prompted several discussions between employees at my company on suggestions for internal improvements.” —Joseph Sell, Globe Iron Construction Company

“SteelDay is a good idea to encourage communication across the industry.” —Kelly Krieg, CENTRIA

“I don’t think I would have ever had the opportunity to visit the four sites we were able to in one day. Great idea!” —Justin Burt, Thos. S. Byrne, Ltd

“Experiencing the steel process from beginning to end is very helpful for anyone that works/designs with steel.” —Richard Lussier, Jacobs Engineering

” I appreciate AISC for initiating and implementing Steelday. It’s great having “our own day” for our industry. I am looking forward to this next year.” —Mike Tedstone, Mustang Engineering

“Great activity, great for steel’s image, and greatly entertaining and informative! I learned how steel is produced first hand and was given lots of information on how green steel has become.” —Ryan Lamb, UT Arlington Graduate Student

“No Engineer can know too much about steel construction.” —Stephen J. Preis, P.E.