Heavy Construction & Metal Fabrication

Ongoing Projects and Future Projects for 2017

As we complete a very busy 2016, we look forward to the ongoing and future projects that we expect to complete in the new year. We are grateful to all of our current clients who trust in us to complete our projects on time and on budget! #BuildItOnce #BuildItRight

Ongoing Projects:
• Iberville Redevelopment Phase IV
• MSY North Terminal – Central Utility Plant A & B
• MSY North Terminal – Concrete Pipe Embeds
• Wisner Bridge Overpass Replacement
• The Advocate Newspaper Renovation
• Grand Laird and Sunrise Pump Stations
• PCCP WYE Sheetpile Fabrication
• 1601 Lafitte Street
• Uptown Health Center
• Queen and Crescent Hotel

Expected Projects for 2017:
• Iberville Redevelopment Phase V and VI
• RTA Cemeteries Transit Center – Streetcar Expansion
• NOPD 2nd District Police Station
• 1630 Canal Street